Linda Bourdeaux, Art Director/Designer

Back in the day, I earned a Liberal Arts degree with an emphasis in small business management and had a brief stint in the business world. But once I discovered graphic design, I changed gears and pursued a career in it. Having worked my way up through the ranks at the prestigious design studio, Jackson Design, I established my own freelance practice in 2004. However a year and a half later, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to work for Thomas Nelson Publishers, and I took a position as the director of their in-house design team. In 2007, after spending two years learning the publishing business first-hand and the ins and outs of corporate business practice, I returned to my own practice.

Interestingly, my specialty has turned out to be “specialty design”—the not-your-everyday, same-ole, same-ole stuff. My experience and love for smart design has given me the desire to approach a project from a perspective of what hasn’t been done before, how can this project be more interesting and unique within the given budget? I see it as a challenge to create something fresh and original within the given constraints. So I see my role as a creative problem-solver. Whether designing a CD package, a gift book, or a marketing presentation—I want the result to be something distinctive, original, beautiful, and most times organic and tactile.

I have added WordPress to my arsenal of skills. I can create a blog or website with this platform that is easily updatable by the client, eliminating the need for hiring out the site updates.

When I’m not at the design desk, I love to collect vintage pieces, find the unique beauty in discarded treasures, and I love found art. I have a passion for the restoration process—whether an object is being restored or a heart or a mind.

In 2017,  I opened a little Etsy shop where I sell prints, weekly planners, party supplies and decor. You can check it out here.

  • lindamaybe@thedesigndesk.com

    • (615) 491-5650

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